Servile cursing monsters

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AuthorTopic: Servile cursing monsters
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I am playing as a servile and every so often a creation gets cursed and weakened when I parry their blow. (At least that seems to be what is going on.) I don't have any special equipment as I'm just at the forsaken docks.

Has anyone else seen this? Is this a bug or a feature?
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All creations have a chance of becoming scared and rogue if they are very hurt, the enemy's as well as yours. I've never seen that happen on a parry, though. Can you be more specific about what creations it's happening to? What's your Parry score and what is your weapon?

At any rate, I'd be extremely surprised if being a Servile had anything to do with it.

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I would be suprised if being a servile had something to do with it too.If you talk to Magda after the Kyshakk (if she's still alive :rolleyes: ) it suggest that serviles* become terrified in the prescence of hostile creations and not the other way around

*This does not include battle serviles or serviles under enchantments (such as dazed/charmed/dominated serviles)

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Further thoughts - maybe it is associated with the death of the servile tender in the Forsaken Docks. My messages go:

Servile Tender takes 47 points of damage.
You receive experience. (9)
Fyora is cursed.
Fyora is weakened.
Istvan parries the attack. (%4)
Starting new round.

Could that be it?
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Yes, the creations there become weaker when their master dies.

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