How many charms do you carry around?

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AuthorTopic: How many charms do you carry around?
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With a total of 14 charms by the end of the game, tinker's gloves and tinker's bauble to raise the mechanics skill (and of course there are a couple of other items which do that as well), and, maybe, some infiltrator stuff to boost stealth and leadership, the inventory (36 slots) is already more than half-full. Add a wand, a favourite thorn baton, some gems, and, most importantly, some potions and spores (yes, there are 4 additional quick use slots) and only about 10 slots are remaining. Don't forget a second set of necklaces and rings providing extra protections against different elements. And of course ingredients to craft and augment things. Ah, yes, the swamp herbs, research books and nodules for gathering quests... - no free slots left. So, where to store all the stuff which you want to sell to get money to buy whatever-you-wish-to-buy?

Of course, I am over-exaggerating, and by the time you have all 14 charms the game is almost over, but... does everyone really carry around all the charms or only the better ones?
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I tend to hold on to them, although I'm willing to bet a few of the earlier ones had outlived their purpose by Chapter 4.

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-X- keeps every charm he can get his hands on. He just can't shake the feeling that he will drastically need every last one of them by the end of the game.

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I keep them all, but some of the less useful ones get put into permanent storage. I'm also perfectly happy to dump a few charms here and there while clearing an area, pick up loot, return to a town to sell it, and then retrace my steps and retrieve my charms.

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Although I greatly appreciate the new encumbrance system, I have to admit that I've taken to not dealing with a full backpack. If I'm full of stuff I'm intending to sell, I just count out 400 gold worth, drop it, and use iampoor. I rarely need to do this, but I hate slogging through areas repeatedly just for a few extra gp.

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Hold on... Doesn't iampoor give you 500 gold? ;) typo, right?

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I carry all the charms, infiltrator items, tinker items, and a stealth boots plus a few swap items like captain' shiv. Then there are a set of pods/spores for quick healing, etc. The rest I store at Southforge Citadel at the start and later the north end of the Eastern Rise. I used to use other places just to keep things neat.

I do tend to sweep areas for every last item that can be sold. I now tend to sell most items that I will never use just to have the money and keep the areas neater.
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