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AuthorTopic: oops!!
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hello all, i think i made the worst mistake ever in the history of avernum, well i slayed all of almaria's people, town is literally empty but wat can i do they got hostile all of a sudden and i couldnt escape, so now the prb is i cant talk to anyone or do tasks, and i did the same with some of dharmon's folks but spared few!!

now am stuck at fort emerald, cant pass thru the north gate and i discovered every place and tunnel possible and almost did every task, i think mayb its related to wat i did, so is there a way out or am i stuck and have to start over??? :(
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Do you have a save from before you did this?
And what point in the game were you at? Did you get the vahnati out of the cell in Almaria?

Also, this is one reason you should wait till the endgame to slaughter towns.

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well thts the tragedy, i save every time i quit and dont forget the autosave, and no i didnt get the vahnatai out :( oh boy looks like i have to start over
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It's possible to finish the game even if you've murdered all the townspeople in Almaria, and I think the same is probably true for Dharmon. To get north of Fort Emerald, you have to keep doing quests for the Castle.

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really?? i sure do hope so, thx for the reply :cool:
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It blows my mind that you would save after doing this. Take good care of your save files!

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How did you managed to get whole Almaria and Dharmon hostile to you? Stole something or went too North in Dharmon and in Almaria explored town before Castle managed cool them? No big misses except bunch of cash and blessing and of course always valuable XPs.
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