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AuthorTopic: HELP NEEDED ! ! !
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I finally was able to geto and defeat the demon at the ruins in the Tower of Magi that after reporting the demons defeat i was allowd access to i believe it's Kentras (?) 1 of the main sages in TOTM, to his spellbook whiich gives you the spell Dispel barrier HOWEVER when i try to cast it it says i cant that i need spell skill of 11 to cast/ What the heck is spell skill...spellcraft ??? plz help if able thnx.
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It's the skill called Mage Spells.

—Alorael, who wouldn't worry too much about having Dispel Barrier immediately. You can go for a while without it. (Jeff claims you can finish the game without it; it's probably true, but you miss out on lots of good things.)
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You don't miss out on much. Just a few spellbooks and that guy that makes knowledge brews for extra skill points.

There isn't any hurry in raising mage spell level since you can always come back later for training in other spells.
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