Okay now that pisses me off (testing shade)

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AuthorTopic: Okay now that pisses me off (testing shade)
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I just did the second test, the one by Mortax's cave. I went through the fight with all the advantageous spells I could think of including augmentation. It was still really long and annoying though. Then the thing crumbles, and it said:

"The test is complete. You have not suffered sufficient damage. You have not succeeded. Depart from here and the test will await you when you've gathered your courage." Or something close to that.

Buh? Is that because I used spells it wasn't expecting or something? Does it always say that? Do I even care? I'm confused. All I did was wait til I could use prismatic shield... :P Did I confuse it by using augmentation too, and if so do I need to redo the fight?
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Don't attack it, and don't shield yourself.

Blah blah blah I can't hear you!
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You need to redo the fight by reentering the place or reloading an older game. This one is about damage taken so augmentation is fine. Don't attack the testing shade and keep healing.
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