Maxfield of Mertis

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AuthorTopic: Maxfield of Mertis
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Where can I find Maxfield of Mertis? I have trimmed the bushes and found Icy Geodes, but I can no longer find Maxfield to report back to him. I have talked to every farmer in Mertis.
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He moves around the north part of town. Use "TAB" to identify the farmers by starting at one place and move to the corners of the town. Unless you were fighting undead and one followed you back to town he should still be there.
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I'll try that the next time I am in Mertis. Is it actually possible for a monster to kill a character attached to a quest? That sounds like a bug to me.
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It's not a bug, although it might be unintentional. Consider it incentive to act as a proper protector of the innocent against the ravening monstrous hordes.

—Alorael, who has yet to encounter anything that ravens and is not a horde.
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But what if you look for non-hordes, to confirm that they are all non-raveners?

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