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Is it a bug, or are there really no arrows of any kind available for bows in the demo? When can one start using bows later in the game?

If this was known, then there would be no meaning in training a char in that skill at all, in the demo...

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There are no arrows in Avernum 4, because you aren't required to hold onto a stock of ammunition for bows. It was deemed too much of a hassle, without adding anything to the game. Pretty cool system.

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In other words, you can start shooting as soon as you equip a bow. That's a good thing, too, because bows are extremely useful in A4. It's even quite feasible to use them as your only weapon for melee combat too, particularly against enemies that parry and riposte all the time.

—Alorael, who will now offer a very small spoiler that has nothing to do with the plot and everything to do with mechanics. There's still reason not to train Bows in the demo. You can buy a couple of levels of the skill later without spending skill points. It's particularly helpful as a backup attack for casters.
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Think of the bows in A4 as a nerfed sniper that is used to snipe pedestrians..

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Ok thanks for the insight, I just didn't come to even try the bow without arrows, remembering all the nice things you could do to arrows in the Excile series (ie poison them). But then again, a lot of years have passed and it seems Avernites have developed a bow that never depletes :D

Way to go.

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