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AuthorTopic: Grob's Tools
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Just bought A4, and have been playing it through, exploring every niche and cranny, leaving no stone unturned, no cave unexplored, and no quest uncompleted as is proper and right, yet I am stuck on the Quest "Grob's Tools" I have found his Axe, but am spending far too much time on a sidequest looking for the Saw. Frustration Abounds!

Any Ideas? Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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I haven't played A4 for quite a while now, but i do remember that i had trouble with this quest, although i think that i found the saw and couldn't locate the axe, i believe that i found the saw at a campsite north east of fort dranlon. Leave fort dranlon, follow the road north east and take your first right turn(down a little side road) its a dead end, there should be a few logs laying on the ground and a box, I'm 'fairly' sure that i found the saw around there - 'fairly', of course, i could be wrong!
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Basically, it is in a camp in a chest in Eastern Gallery. If it isn't where the person before me said it was, search elsewhere.

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