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AuthorTopic: Giscard Letter
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Stuck on where to find the letter to complete this part of the adventure.
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It's on a corpse in the Eastern Gallery. I recall it being north of the road between Cotra and Fort Dranlon, but I could very easily be wrong. Just look around.

—Alorael, who would guess that the answer to this question is available in some walkthrough on GameFAQs.
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Thanks. I didn't want to miss it early in the game, and spent too much time wandering around!
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I remember running around for that thing too. Nothing byt wasted time. :cool:

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WHAT ? There is actually a Giscad in this game ?

Oh my god, I only came here for Geneforge but I MUST play this game then ! Hell, I'll even stop playing Geneforge now and won't resume until I'm done with Avernum !

Granted, it's probably a mere coincidence but I don't care, it's not every day you find something even remotly relative to good ol' Giscard.

- A Giscard fan.
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Just wait for Avernum 6: Revenge of Giscard.

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