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Hey, i need to know how to delete some of my unused save files on Avernum 4. I don't have a folder in my documents containing them and i don't know where they exist on my computer. i see them when i start the game and load files and i need to trash them so i have more space. I have even tried to find them useing search and nothing comes up. Anyway to solve this problem?

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For Mac the files are stored in the application (Avernum 4) as a folder for Avernum 4 saved games. Copy the saved games that you want to keep (first save game is Sav0, second saved game is Sav1, ..., quick save is Sav18, and autosave is Sav19) to a different area. Then uninstall and reinstall the game (or install under a different folder name). Copy back the files you saved and it's done.

For Windows the files are in My Document. Same idea.
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