Help! Avernum IV corrupted save game problem.

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AuthorTopic: Help! Avernum IV corrupted save game problem.
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I've recently gotten myself to play A4 again. I've reached Fort Draco and entered the haunted mines nearby, and...

Something must have happened to my save game. Now the talk string got completely messed up, and when I'm talking with fe. Commander Anford i get only a blank window. On the other hand, talking with the miner you're supposed to bring seeds to gave me the line of Khrosth when you aproach him. Getting close to the talking crystal in the haunted mines gave me a conversation with Anford :(
Is there something I can do to fix this, or it's lost and I've got to start again? Anyone had this problem before?

PS. I suppose the A4 application and data itself are OK, because I tried starting a new game and the dialogs are correct.
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Sounds to me like your game has been corrupted and you'll have to restart. I'd reinstall A4 for good measure in case the same problem will crop up again.

—Alorael, who is sorry he has no more helfpul advice. Losing a saved game is no fun.
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Play it safe. Uninstall Avernum 4. Download a fresh copy. Then reinstall that.

Sorry that this happened. It's happened to me too. Major hassle. I suugest making several saved games, so that if one gets messed up, you can go back to another without losing everything.

- Jeff Vogel

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