A5 Beta (testing)?

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AuthorTopic: A5 Beta (testing)?
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So, having been a big fan of many of Spiderweb's previous games, I am anxiously awaiting the release of A5. I'm wondering, do you need beta testers (on a mac)? If yes, how do I sign up?
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When any extra beta testers are needed, a notice generally goes up at http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/newstuff.shtml .
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Beta calls will appear on the news page when A5 is close to finished. You have a better chance of being accepted if you gave some prior experience. I as well wish to test. The only experience I've had was beta testing a scenario by Enraged Slith and I've had some programming experience. I wonder if I'll get accepted this time...

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When Jeff posts for later beta testing he is usually looking for different operating systems and computer models as well as experience. Only Jeff knows what will be accepted.

If you do submit, Jeff can take over a week to reply to those he wants. Once you submit a non-disclosure agreement, it can be 3 or more days before you here from him again.
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A5 beta testing is underway already, but Jeff has mentioned that he feels a lot of testing will be needed because the game is so complex, so conceivably he may want more testers at some point. It can't hurt to ask.

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I just sent Jeff an email, we'll see how all that goes.
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