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um, mr calling people flithy spammers,were having something called fun. you should try it sometime. It's not that bad. and you guys, count yourself LUCKY! before i had a mac, i was in Quebec, where the sticks were too brittle to use. In the winter we had to use our fingers, and to save it we had to build a snow fort around it. ANd in the summer the only thing we could make a dent with was rocks.

Perfect Geneforge artifact: Solidified flame+unmelting ice+Belgian chocolate+ Never-fade food colouring= The perfect m'n'm. Always heals you and never runs out. Take THAT, you make-expensive-chocolate-that-costs-too-much-andd-that-you-make-cost-too-much-
because-your-jerks-and-you-store-everyone's-money-and-jewelry-and-your-stuck-up swedes!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D
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TM: "I want BoA to grow. Evolve where the food ladder has rungs to be reached."

Gamble with Gaea, and she eats your dice.
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