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AuthorTopic: Stuck in two places at once
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Hey all,

I've been bashing my head against a wall trying to get past the Spire Fort and the defenses west of Fort Remote. I'm assuming there are secret tunnels I haven't found yet in both locations - those are really the only two places I haven't gotten into yet - cleared most of the Great Cave's quests so far. Any places I should poke my nose into?
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The Spire Fort will have to wait until you handle things west of Fort Remote. For that area, combat is usually the worst option. Stealth, haste spells, and mad dashes for safety are your best friends. And yes, many tunnels are there for your enjoyment.

Edit: As Alorael points out, haste is not absolutely needed. But it can compensate for some errors and get to some places earlier than intended.

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West of Fort Remote you shouldn't have to use haste to get where you're going. Just be careful to stay out of pylon range. Usually this means staying close to walls, but sometimes you have to carefully go between.

There are a number of places where it looks like you can't get through but you actually can stay away from pylons by staying within one or two spaces of a wall. Try it!

—Alorael, who also recommends watching out for vahnatai. If you get charged by one, find somewhere to retreat so that the vahnatai steps out of pylon zap range and can be mutilated as usual by your fighters.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I made it through once I realized I actually had to find a safe route through the defenses, rather than some hidden passage avoiding them altogether. I also completely missed out on the allies available to me until I made a second pass after killing the foozle. Probably could have saved some energy potions if I'd known those guys were there.
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