Testing Cave #3 (Spoilers)

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AuthorTopic: Testing Cave #3 (Spoilers)
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It says Control, Control, Control. Allright, Ill control - but golems resist my charms and the anoying plants after being charmed aren't doing anything - how do I get through this test?
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Patience, young grasshopper. Hold off your enemies long enough and you will succeed.

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"Control your enemies" in this case doesn't mean "charm them", it just means "stop them from killing you".

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Where's the third test?

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Quoting Small Fry:
Where's the third test?
According to The Book of Answers (A4's Hint Book) the 3rd Trial/Test (of 6) is Northeast of Fort Dranlon and you fight the Trial Automaton.

The above sounds more like the 4th trial/test in the Great Cave Southwest of Almaria?

Anyhow, according to the BoA there are 6 and they should be completed in order?!?

Schrodingers walkthrough also says the 3rd Trial/Test is Northeast of Fort Dranlon and you fight a Trial Automaton with magic only, weapons make it daze you.

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Yes, this does sound like the fourth test, and yes, you have to do them in order because only the door to the next test will open. The others just point you to tests you missed.

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