Monir Quests: Portmaster Pirro and Lost Mages.

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AuthorTopic: Monir Quests: Portmaster Pirro and Lost Mages.
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Hello all!

My boy's are at the end of game now, but there is two quests that I cannt solve.

Portmaster Pirro from Surface Portal and someone in Camp Samuelson ask me to find a lost mages from Castle.

Is this same mages or not? And were are they?

Anyone know?
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Beneath Almaria. Go south of the city along the shore and find a cave leading down. Beat up the guard and head north until you reach some cells. One will have the mages inside.

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Chances are, if he's near the end of the game, he's already beat up the guard down there.

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Thanks a lot!

I have beat the guards for a long time, but I fogot to free mages!
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Don't forget to go back to the Tower Colony after freeing the mages. One of them is there and has a reward for you.
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If I remember well, you get the mission from both Pirro and Camp Samuel. I guess you can also get a reward from both.
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