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Do you think there should be an E4?

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Why bother with this poll. Jeff's said it's never going to happen. Avernum and Averforge are the future. The best that's going to happen are BoE scenarios.
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There isn't enough profit, or a big enough audience for the Exile trilogy for it to be worth it for Jeff to make an E4, so no.
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Why do you even want Exile 4? A4 was only worth playing for the new engine; converting A4's plot (such as it is) to the Exile engine would be pointless. If you want a huge game set in the Exile/Avernum continuity with Exile's engine, play Stareye's BoE scenarios, especially "At the Gallows" and "Spears".

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I am going to vote for this thread with a padlock. This is the Avernum IV section. You must have made a mistake, because this is most certainly not the Exile 4 section.

And since there will never be an Exile 4, there will never be an Exile 4 section.

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