Getting back from the dark lands

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AuthorTopic: Getting back from the dark lands
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How do I disable the pylons that are before Rentar's 2nd fortress? I am trapped at her fort right now.

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Um... if you're in the fort already, you don't have to worry about de-activating them.

If you're outside the fort, go ahead and walk in. Not all of them activate when you walk past.

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You can't really disable them, your options are either smash them (which you should be strong enough to do at this point as they're set up so you only have to fight them by ones or twos) or run past. If you need to run past them, I'd say going along the west wall is probably your best bet, the pylons there don't reinforce each other very well and you should only have to worry about taking fire from one at a time. Remember that divine restoration can unfreeze a character.
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Also, if you're going along the western side of the field of pylons, be sure to look out for a cache in the northwest corner containing a very nice item. You'll need 23 Nature Lore to get it open, though.

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Watch the map in the lower left corner. The active pylons are in red and the inactive ones are in blue. It will help you with whatever you decide upon.
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