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AuthorTopic: No Extra Damage?
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I just got Repel Spirit level 2 and it does the same damage as level 1? I tested it and both level 1 and level 2 cast by the same character did about 50 points of damage to the Testing Shade as well as the Shade in the mine. How much more damage should a level 2 do?

What about other level 2 spells do they do more damage than level 1 spells?

Also if you cast Acid a 2nd time on the same target will he take more damage?
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The difference between a level one spell and a level two spell is paltry. There is a difference, so when you have the chance don't pass up reading spellbooks. Buying extra spell levels is only useful if you have too much money.

As for spray acid, I've never used it more than once per monster, so I have no idea.

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I think the difference between level one and level two of a spell is exactly the same as a single point of Spellcraft or Magery or the appropriate Priest/Mage Spells.

Spray Acid doesn't stack. It replaces.

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No, it stacks and does not replace.

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From what I can tell, duration stacks and damage increases up to a point but doesn't stack. Damage and duration may be related.

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Originally written by Bring Out the Best in Boone:

...and more fun killing more enemies with the Oozing Sword and Jade Halberd.
And don't forget the Bow of Decay! Excellent for golems and pylons.

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