15 inch 17 inch monitor

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AuthorTopic: 15 inch 17 inch monitor
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Are all of you A4 users use 17 inch CRT monitor. I only have 15inch monitor and it's sooo tiny and hurting in the eyes. Only the texts are my problem. They are hard to read because they're small.

Is there any workaround to make them a little bit larger using 15" CRT monitor? Or any programs that will enlarge only the texts?
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I am afraid you are stuck with the text size. The games are not adaptable enough to run properly on reduced resolution, and I doubt that there exists a magnifier for the game text.

In my experience, though, the text size in the game is similar to that of 12pt font, so it should not be ridiculously hard to read.

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I also have a 15" monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 570V TFT) and I have absolutely no problem reading the text in the game. My monitor is positioned about 24" from my eyes (both have had cataract surgery on them so I hardly have "perfect" vision), and I'm running V4 on Mac OS 10.3.9. Maybe it's a Windows display problem or there's something wrong with your monitor's settings?
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I'm on 14.1" TFT LCD monitor (running next to a 17" ViewSonic CRT with other stuff), and have no problemos. I'm only at 720x1024pix resolution.
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You may have a font problem. Does what you see look like the text in screenshots?

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All of your monitors are TFT (not CRT). Mine is 15" CRT. TFT monitors tends to be sharper and crisper. 15" CRT gets blurred when running at high resolution.
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