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AuthorTopic: Silvar Pylon et al
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Where is it? I have areas around Silvar explored and all areas in Silvar both above ground and underground except for area where bad spirit is and no pylon. I had no problem finding Cotra Pylon. Is my game corupted?

Also every now and then I get black horizontal-diagonal streaks. These don't do any harm but this is only place this happems.

Finally if I post I get into an endless loop returning me to my post (Windows XP) I can I get out of this without leaving Spiderweb board?

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About the Silvar pylon: it's in the city, in the far south, next to the river, in the center of the town. The world map in the forum header may be of some use to you.

As for the other things, I have no idea.

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I had the hardest time finding several of the pylons even though they were in plain sight. Specifically I remember having trouble finding the silvar, cotra, and tower colony pylons. They somehow managed to blend in to the surrounding floor.

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