Worth it to train both Melee and Pole Weapons to reach Blademaster?

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AuthorTopic: Worth it to train both Melee and Pole Weapons to reach Blademaster?
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I'm well into the demo, my party is approaching 10th level, and I'm wondering if I should try and cross-train my fighters so they can reach the requirements for Blademaster.

Now I realize Blademaster is an awesome skill, and both my warriors have virtual ranks in it from their traits - one is human, melee weapons, elite warrior & divinely touched the other is a slith pole weapons fighter with elite warrior. But I'm wondering it is worth it to train each in the weapon skill they don't use (currently at 0 ranks) so they can put points into Blademaster when they could continue to gain ranks from their traits and use the skill points in other areas. To get a weapon skill to the required level will cost several levels worth of points by itself, and I don't know if those points would be better spent on things like Parry, Luck, Endurance, Intelligence (to better resist mental attacks), or Hardiness?

Comments and advice from the Avernum 4 veterans out there?

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Well, it's a lot of work to get Blademaster. But it's powerful. But you're already getting levels of it, so... maybe not.

Train in Parry. It's good. And Defense and Dexterity are very good things to train in even if you're not reaching for Parry...

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Well if you decide to do so, remember there are a few trainers you can buy those first two points of mellee or pole weapons in (and after you kill the shades 2 points of blademaster as well, if you want to hold off on that).

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I did out the math once. The short answer is NO, NEVER. You will only get a net bonus from blademaster counting the wasted points of your unused fighting skill if you buy an absurd amount of melee+blademaster... I forget how much, but it will never happen in any normal game (and few if any abnormal ones).

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