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AuthorTopic: a few questions
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ok first i'd like to say i love this game and i'm a big fan of the avernum series and i can't wait for them to make another. now to my questions.

1. ok i've looked everywhere for the fine waveblade u need for that venahatie(however it's spelled) in the castle and can't find one anywhere. does anyone know where i can find it?

2. also there is that one job board mission from fort saffaron to take a messege to spire fort to some guy who's name starts with a G, my question is can u actually complete this mission cause i thought i killed a guy who had that name when i went there and cleared the fort out and all that and the only none hostile guy i ran into was the one dude in the cell that wants ur help.

any help would be much appreciated. thank you.
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For the fine waveblade, I found one in the areas west of fort remote, though I supposse there is a chance to find one any time you fight vahnatai. As for that message, the guy you deliver it to is camped somewhat north of the fort by himself.

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ok cool thx a lot
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Originally written by murdocx528:

Wow. This has to be the worst spelling of "vahnatai" I've ever seen. And there have been some bad ones.

But I'm just uselessly sniping, because your post was clear enough not to cause problems. Carry on. :)

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