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AuthorTopic: Question on spells
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A question about learning spells from people and books in Avernum 4.

Are books the only way to get a spell to its highest level? If you read say the only book on a spell first before raising the spell level, can you ever get it up to max level (three?)? Do you have to raise the skill level of all the players you want to be able to cast it at top level to the max buyable level first, then read the book?
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No, learning spells from other means will not prevent you from buying two levels from a trainer in this game. However, there is no fixed highest level, and I suspect getting spells to a higher level merely provides the same effect as increasing your mage or priest spell skill and magery and spellcraft.

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Yep. Every point in a spell increases the bonus, and every point of Magery, Spellcraft, and Mage or Priest Spells also increases the bonus.

—Alorael, who still finds getting spell levels more exciting than getting free Magery even though the Magery is more useful. Avernums 1-3 conditioned him well.
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