Quest bug? (Hunt Hrickis)

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AuthorTopic: Quest bug? (Hunt Hrickis)
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I pulled the Hunt Hrickis quest off of the Formello board, but realized later when I was about to kill him that the quest wasn't in my quest book. The board is empty but I don't have the quest. :(

EDIT: Is there a maximum number of quests you can have in the quest book at one time?

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You must complete the rat quest first.

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Whew! Thanks.
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Also, it is completely possible to complete a quest before recieving it and still get a reward for it.

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You can't complete any quests before receiving them, but you can complete the requirements of the quest. Then the actual quest consists of finding the right person in some town, agreeing to do the quest, and then informing them that you have. That's sometimes only two conversation clicks.

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