Too guilty to forgive?

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AuthorTopic: Too guilty to forgive?
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Hello everyone, I have made a stupid mistake. I was doing the mission of collecting 20 meat sacks. I went back to the farmland near Fort Draco. I was kind of bored so I stole 20 meat sacks under a farmer's eyes. I was more surprised that the farmer actually attacked me! So I killed him. What's more surprising is that when I trying to go back to the fort everyone becomes hotile and attacks me....... I think this punishment is too heavy. I killed a farmer outside the fort, so how did they know???

Is there anyway that I can make them forgive me? I don't want to kill everyone in the fort even I can do that. I tried the cheat but it doesn't work. And the saves are too late to change back so how can I undo my crime?? I don't know how the editor works sorry.

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Editor doesn't fix it. If the cheat (alt+shift+D code: pleaselikeme) doesn't work, then yer basically gonna have to start a new game. Unless the AutoSave is far back enough (I think it saves every 30min?)

pleaselikeme = Makes all of the areas in the game forget your crimes. If you were hated, you will now be liked. Major crimes won't be forgotten.

Apparently, killing a farmer is a major crime.

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Well of course it is. No farmers no horrible mushroom flavoured beer, candy, pies, or cereal.

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You are both a thief and a murderer. You deserve whatever you get. Roleplay.

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Yeah! Us farmers have been treated like dirt by adventurers regularly. You walk through our houses, kill our leaders on a regular basis, and steal the robes from our cupboards! What can we wear now, after going for a swim in the local river?

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Hey, don't you have stolen stuff before? Also does this has multi endings like Geneforge?

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Not exactly. There's only one ending, but it consists of many pieces that change depending on what you do. There's one major choice that you make that makes the ending very different, but it's not to the same degree as Geneforge.

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By the way, have you tried using the pleaselikeme cheat after travelling a few zones away from the fort, rather than doing it right there in front of the fort? It might require the zone to be reloaded before it takes effect.

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