Augustus gone?

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AuthorTopic: Augustus gone?
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I killed the bandit Quickshank (or whatever his name is), but when I go back to Silver to finish the quest, Augustus the mayor is nowhere to be found...any ideas?
Is this part of the plot? With the tedious outdoor traveling, I'm trying to finish things in the areas before I get too far away...
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As likely as not the mayor got killed by the shade. You can lead the shade almost anywhere. I've never had a problem with it myself, beyond the odd guard or two, but you can get the shade to follow you almost anywhere. If only they could go up stairs you could kill Micah with one.

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He's drinking in the tavern. Are you sure he's not there?

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Yep, I've been back to the city three or four different times to check - he's not in the tavern (inn), or anywhere else in the city.
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If you lead the shade towards a direction with people after attacking it he will sometimes kill people. I saw him kill Hoernell (?), the supply store owner in Formello, when I made the mistake of running south. The shade killed a guard in Silvar when I went north. The safest way to test him is in Formello and head west to the pylon area. He will usually go back to the park if you then head south in hasted mode. Always wait for the message that he goes back to be sure.
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