Special Abilities?

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AuthorTopic: Special Abilities?
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Have I just not got the hang of the interface yet, or did the special abilities (including alchemy, divine aid, berserk rage, etc) get axed? Entirely? o_O

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They're axed. Completely.

—Alorael, who didn't use them enough to really miss them. Except Divine Aid, of course, but that just felt like cheating anyway. So did making endless Knowledge Brews.
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Grrrr. I liked alchemy. And hiden doors. And meaningful plots. :mad:

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Well now alchemy consists of taken your herbs to certain npcs to use in potions, so now you don't have to spend a number of your limited skill points on it. As for secret doors, it could get tedious trying to walk into each and every square of wall everywhere.

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