Didn't get Dispel Barrier, Got Bolt of Fire

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AuthorTopic: Didn't get Dispel Barrier, Got Bolt of Fire
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I just completed the 'destroy demon' quest in the Tower of Magi. Kelner gave me a key and said to go upstairs to learn the dispel barrier spell. When I read the book behind the now unlocked door, I was given the 'bolt of fire' spell. I still don't have a dispel barrier spell.

What gives?
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There's more than one spell upstairs. Are you sure you've looked everywhere? For that matter, there's more than one upstairs. Which stairs did you go up?

—Alorael, who can't imagine that Jeff replaced Dispel Barrier in the update.
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I've finished the purge tower quest, but I can't get the Dispel Barrier spell either! I've searched the entire upstairs, and the only places I've seen spellbooks are in the northwest and southeast corners, both in areas blocked by magical barriers.

So I spent several days searching for a piercing crystal (since I didn't have any left), and once I eventually got one, came back with it... only to find that the southeast spellbook was Steel Skin rather than Dispel Barrier, and the northwest one was still inaccessible because it said the spell was too weak to affect the barrier!

How, exactly, am I supposed to get that barrier down (assuming that's the spellbook I'm after)? The key Kelner gave me doesn't appear to do anything.

This is insanely frustrating because I really, really, really want that spell! The number of piercing crystals in the game is a tiny fraction of the number of magical barriers, and I'm constantly running into the damn things. It's just too ironic that I would finally be supposed to get the spell to dispel them, but can't, because there's yet another damn barrier in the way, and one that a crystal won't even dispel!
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Oops... Never mind. I just re-read the "which upstairs" comment, and did a little more checking. *Neither* of those were the right place, but I've found it now.

Still curious about what's behind the unbreakable barrier, though...
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All barriers upstairs in the Tower of Magi are dispellable by the Dispel Barrier spell. If you can't dispel them, try raising your mage's Spellcraft and Magery.

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