Rogue Sliths

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AuthorTopic: Rogue Sliths
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Where are they? :confused:
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Which ones do you mean? There are two major groups, after all...

For the ones west of Fort Dranlon, you need to talk with someone in the fort to be told about a secret passage to the north of the fort. That'll take you west across the river (or rather, under it), over to a bunch of sliths and the Emerald Chestguard.

If you mean the ones which have the Avengers Ring (who are kind of off in their own little section of Avernum, towards the middle of the world map), then look for a hole west of the Castle. You're there when you see a bunch of Warped (blue) Chitrachs walking around. Go down that hole, head northeast while underground, and you'll be under the land of the sliths.

In short, please be more specific next time.

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