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How do you beat it? I've tried everything and it doesn't work. In my party I've got a mage/priest/theif a nephil archer a slith damage taker and a slith damage dealer.

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This it the test of magic right? You can only damage it with magic, and one particular type at a time. Watch the text screen to see what color it flashes and hit it with that type. Your fighters should only act as a shield for it, but should never actually strike the creature.

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Lightning= Lightning Spray
Red= Fire
Blue= Ice

as I recall.

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And of course, super-hasting the mage/priest guy will help you. But doing the test with only one magic user is probably a bad idea... particularly if said magic user is also trying to be a thief at the same time.

My suggestion for your party: Get a lot of wands.

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