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AuthorTopic: Blademaster & Sharpshooter
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My slith spearmen had 6 strength, melee and pole but I still can't get Blademaster. My nephil archer can't get sharpshooter when it could before with the same stats. Does anyone no why?
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Are you sure all the points in those skills are actually points that you've gained by spending skill points or buying training, and not bonuses from items or traits?

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Yes for the nephil no for the slith.

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You need to actually buy those skills 6 times each (or whatever the requirement is), so any race/trait bonuses don't count either.

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Your slith has some amount of free levels in poles and your nephil has some amount of free bow skills. Bump these up until you see trainable Blademaster and Sharpshooter. Also note that these skills will not appear trainable until after you commit the Skill Points and look again.

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For clarity, that means you bump a skill up one point, close the training window, and then reopen it. If you still don't have the special skill available, bump again.

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