The End (Spoiler Warning)

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AuthorTopic: The End (Spoiler Warning)
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So, I chose to beat the ever-living hell out of Rentar, because her fortresses wore down my patience. That being said, do the other dialogue choices actually lead to different endings in which I don't shatter that annoying witch?

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Yes. You can convince her to either surrender to the Vahnatai, or to leave Avernum alone and bother the Empire instead. Starrus and Ghall-Ihrno will be less than pleased if you pick the latter option.

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To do this, however, you need to talk suggest surrendering whenever you get a chance. If you ever pick the "die Vahnatai witch!" she will always fight to the end.

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I would have liked the option to take her captive, return her to the Castle, and have her stand trial for her crimes. And then locked in a dark room some place and sealed away.

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You could probably edit the dialogue scripts to include such an option. In fact, a major rewriting of all major plot points undertaken by the community would probably yield better results than Jeff's predictable work.

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Wikivernum, hmmm. An Avernum mash-up. A character editor is one thing, rewriting the whole game but using Jeff's engine is probably quite another. Obviously no-one can stop you from doing this quietly among friends, but if I were Jeff I'd definitely take whatever steps I could to squash a public venture. I don't know much about copyright law, but I expect it might empower some good squashing in such a case, even if no profit were involved.

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