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I'm very interested in purchasing the GeneForge series for my downtime at home and work. I tried the demo a few years ago on a PC Gamer CD and just thought of it recently when looking for something to play when work is slow or I'm waiting around on FFXI for stuff to happen.

I have a small problem though. I need to be able to play the game in a window and have it not mess with my screen colors.

If the game tries to fullscreen on me:
1.) It's not very discreet at work, and I don't really want to draw attention to it.
2.) Any other fullscreen application will crash my other game of choice.

So, I just need to know if this game can be played in windowed mode at all, either through it naturally being able to do that, or there's a work-around I missed during my research.

Thank you.
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I'm afraid no game using the Geneforge engine can be run in a window. And as far as I've heard, there's no decent workaround.
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Geneforge 5 will however have a windowed mode as well as variable display resolutions, according to the latest update.

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The only work around is to run the games in an emulator that has windows mode.
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Originally written by Randomizer:

The only work around is to run the games in an emulator that has windows mode.
So, that would make it full screened in a windowed emulator, correct? Hmmm.
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