Not exactly tech, but a still a problem

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AuthorTopic: Not exactly tech, but a still a problem
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Alright then. I ordered Avernum 5 by credit card two saturdays ago and happily got the email to register my demo last monday, or was it tuesday?

Anyway, I got to play Avernum 5 joyfully as ive been waiting to do for almost a year now, and while i was moving, someone made off with my laptop, which contained my registere Avernum 5.

Now, I didnt order the CD version, meaning I had gotten the registration code by email.

My actual question is, well, if its possible for me to provide whoever with my info, such as the card I ordered it with or whatever, and once again re-download Avernum 5??

I really appreciate any help. I had to buy GTA IV to beat back the boredom and curiosity. >_< Gah, and I had just gotten into that crazy wizard's place where they have the big tower and all the stole golems as guards. xD Whatever that place is called.. *shrug*

Well, thank again for any response!!

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Redownload the demo, install, grab the reg code out of it. Email Spiderweb with your information (including the new reg code from the new download) and they will generate a new key for you. They keep all your pertinent information on hand so as long as they can verify you've purchased you can always get a new key. Jeff Vogel runs an honest shop round these parts.

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Thanks for the reply! I'll do that then.

Avernum 5, here I come!

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