Random Unregistering with Mac OS 9.2

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AuthorTopic: Random Unregistering with Mac OS 9.2
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The Problem:

Occasionally after I reboot my old iMac I find that my copy of Avernum 2 (Version 1.0.2) has magically become unregistered.

My Temporary Solutions:

I do step ii and reinstall it, it works again, but keeps unregistering.

Needless to say this can be a pain in the neck, especially since I can't figure out why it's doing it. I've installed it on my Windows computers several times without this problem ever occurring. I'm just curious if anyone's had this problem before with a potential solution for me. If any other information is needed from me, I should be here to respond. If this problem should be disregarded because it can indeed be fixed each time it happens, then that's also fine.

As a note: I recall this happened once before this week for Avernum 1, I may be wrong, and it isn't giving me trouble at the moment.

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Try removing Avernum 2's preferences (in the system folder) when you reinstall it. I have an old iMac as well, and I've never encountered this problem before.

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I tried deleting the prefs, and then I reinstalled and deleted the prefs again which unregistered me (as I assumed it would from your instructions.) Reinstalled again overriding the prefs created from said test and the application was registered.

Rebooted and it was still registered. (At this point I assumed that one reboot wasn't sufficient enough) rebooted again, and it's still registered.

Well, it might happen again, but let's hope not. Anyway, if this fixes it for a reasonable amount of reboots, I'll be much better off than otherwise.

Thanks for the assistance, we can assume this problem is fixed.
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