Massive slowdown with A4

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AuthorTopic: Massive slowdown with A4
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I'm playing through the A4 demo and anytime I open up the training screen, inventory screen or there is a lot of text messages in the main game screen, the entire game slows down. Slows down to the point that the mouse pointer jumps around and you have to click on an icon multiple times before the action is caught.

I'm running XPsp2, 1g of ram, geforce 7800 gtx video card, amd 4400 x2, direct x 9c, updated video drivers.....

any help is appreciated. I really enjoy the game!
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Are you running other applications while playing? If so, that can cause the game to run out of memory, even if you have one gig of ram. (The system alone eats about 40% percent of it)

Also, if that isn't the case you should open up the task manager while playing the game (Using Ctrl, Alt, Delete) and check if anything besides A4 or the system is using a lot of CPU.

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I'm having the EXACT same problem. I noticed it because I use [tab] frequently, and all the text that displays appears to cripple the game, to the point where the mouse will move in 3 or 4 inch jerks. I'm running in Vista 32-bit with 2GB of RAM, 2.4GHz T7700, with latest sound and video drivers. While I'm playing there's a good 512mb of free RAM, and A4 is maxing out one of the cores, and using between 10-20% of the second one. I would say that it was a dual-core compatibility problem, but even one of my cores is more powerful than the PM I used to play A4 on, which ran without a hitch.
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Since Jeff (the developer) seldom reads these boards, you might get a better response emailing Don't forget to mention how powerful your machine is, because Spidweb games are supposed to run on older computers, so dual-core machine should be an overkill.

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To give credence to this, I've had the same stuff going on. Hope Jeff sees a hotfix. :)

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I just tried to play Avernum 4 again after playing 5, and this was a major problem. The mouse slowed to a crawl when opening inventory, and I quickly gave up. I don't remember this being an issue when I first played the game, and I'm using the same machine.
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