MacBook Fan with Avernum Games

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AuthorTopic: MacBook Fan with Avernum Games
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Anyone else notice their MacBook (2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) fan runs quite a bit with Avernum games? It probably isn't restricted to Avernum - it's just that's the only games I have on my machine (I'm either fiercely loyal or more likely haven't found anything better :-)

I'm running Leopard (with latest software and firmware updates) with 1 GB RAM. Avernum 1 or 5 is the only application running. The fan runs about three minutes every four or five minutes, whether I'm playing or not. Anyone seeing this behavior? The fan doesn't seem to kick on when I'm running a large spreadsheet in Numbers, where I'd expect it to - and Avernum games aren't that processor intensive so it's rather curious.

I know there have been some fan 'issues' with the MacBook line - is this expected behavior?
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Depending upon where you are in the game, there are a lot of calls for scripts on the hard drive. That would generate plenty of heat.
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