Nethergate, stuck in Faerie Bazaar

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AuthorTopic: Nethergate, stuck in Faerie Bazaar
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I am playing the original Nethergate.

I cannot leave the Faerie Bazaar. Whenever I try to, I get the outside map (but my group doesn't show up) and moving in any direction puts me back in town.

I haven't played the game in over a month, so I might have forgotten something, but I don't think so. This is very strange.
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That is odd. Try leaving town in the same direction several times.

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Sounds like the town data is corrupted. Uninstall. Redownload. Reinstall. Then use the Leave Town option in the editor.

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If all else fails, you can try Nethergate: Resurrection if you can. I heard there is some extra stuff. Including a new dungeon.

But ultimately, it is your choice.

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That answer is not relevant to the question being asked. Please only post in response to a question or a request when you can manage to address the problem.

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