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AuthorTopic: selling items
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Does anyone know how to sell? I tried clicking on my items to sell and sometimes they sell while other times nothing happens.. any suggestions?

Hari Jan
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Which game are you playing?

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In addition to which game, could you add some details. Is it just certain items that you cannot sell? Or are there items that one moment you can sell and the next you cannot?

In certain games, merchants only buy certain pieces of equipment. For instance, some weapons and armor sellers only buy weapons and armor.

Before we can help, we need a very specific and thought out description of the problem.

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In Geneforge 1, merchants have a limited supply of coins - if the items you try to sell are worth too much, you won't be able to sell them.

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Also, in some games, items must be identified before they can be sold...

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Not to mention that you have to have the cursor centered on the coins to sell. If you are off too much it ignores you or tries to move the item.
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thanks I will try something different. I usually try to sell swords, wiry moss, and extra shields which I collect. i am playing Gen 3.

Hari Jan
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