Upgrading from OS 9 binaries to OS X

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AuthorTopic: Upgrading from OS 9 binaries to OS X
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Just a tip for people who have registered Avernum 1,2, etc on the Mac OS 9 side of things:

When you get the new X-native versions of the game and run them, you will revert to an unregistered copy.

Copy the Avernum preference files from your Mac OS 9 System Folder/Preferences/ to ~/Library/Preferences/ folder in your own home directory.

The new copies should then be registered in OS X.

(Edit: If I was a more savvy searcher, I might have found out this information quicker, as it has been mentioned before. In any event, it would be really nifty if this technique was included in the upgrade documentation.)

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I swear I've read this information before from somewhere not on these boards. Is it on the website or something? I can't find it anywhere else.

Maybe I'm wrong and I just read a post here. I presume that must be it.

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Someone posted this before, I think.

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I've seen it at least twice before and I don't usually read this forum.
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It's in the tech support part of the avernum/geneforge pages.

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