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AuthorTopic: Re-regristration
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Earlier in 2005, I registered my copy of Geneforge 2. My brother went and backed it up on a faulty disk, and I lost the game because it could not load anything from the back-up disk. I e-mailed the tech support, telling them my old registration code and password, and they sent me a new registration code and password. This time, my computer deleted it on accident, and I have not saved my old regristration code or password. I have no idea what to do and cannot afford to pay for a new version. :(
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E-mail Jeff.

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???? ?????
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? Man, ? Amazing
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Jeff (Vogel) or his lackey will provide you with endless support, use this email address[/url] and provide your name, the physical address you originally used, and what you need from him. Providing the serial number of the download helps immensely.


Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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the serial number?
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Originally written by Geneforge_Fan:

the serial number?
Game code.
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