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How do you make a link in UBB code?

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A link to what?

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To whatever it is he wants to link to, possibly? If so, do the following.

1) Click "post reply" to start composing your post.
2) When ready to create a link, look slightly below the box where you type your post, you should see a dark burgundy border titled "Instant UBB Code™". Right below that is a small grey box titled "URL". Click that.
3) You will be prompted to enter the address of the page you want to link to. Do so and click "OK".
4) Enter the words you would like the link displayed as and click "OK".

For more information, see here.

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Alternatively, if you have disabled Javascript or taking your hands off the keyboard to click the link button takes too long, you can type [ url=http://www.link.com]link text[/url].

Without the space, this becomes link text.

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