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AuthorTopic: Feature Request (A4 Engine)
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I like that you can click on the space you want and have the character go there -- much MUCH more than the "directional" mouse system...

except, it's very very hard to click the space directly "NW" of a character. Not a problem, I'll just use the keyboard to tweak myself diagonally one...

...except I'm using a laptop, aie.

Thus my feature request: some kind of laptop key system for people who don't have diagonals :)
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This has plagued us laptop users since A1. I actually went out and purchased a portable number pad in part to improve my Avernum playing experience. They're fairly cheap now, and if you use your laptop for any sort of data entry, very helpful for those reasons as well.

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I've never had any problems clicking northwest, but I also haven't had to rely on precise clicking much. Although I do have a laptop, it spends most of its time planted on a desk with a full keyboard hooked up. In addition to the convenience of a numeric keypad for Avernum, it's much easier to type anything with a full keyboard.

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