...or is it Memorex.

AuthorTopic: ...or is it Memorex.
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Hi jeff and the divine undead: so my copy of A3 just STOPPED loading up. Like a bad diskburn or something. I'll reup laterz.

But i went to get a stack of cds (see deez? just playin' -- chipper) and uh, most of what i burned didn't playback a little later. Perhaps teh future of mass gaming is in vinyl.



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You must have done something to your computer which made A3 not work. Otherwise you could just download a fresh copy from spiderweb.com and email Jeff with a request for a new activation code. If you get no response, email again. Sometimes their email is crabby.

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But you must wait three days. Not one, not four, and be sure as Hell you don't wait two days. Actually, two days is cool. Two or three days. That's how long you must wait if you want to avoid any incidents with the RWG. And believe me. You don't want any incidents with the RWG.

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It sounds to me that you might have a problem with your CD drive.

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Are you running the latest version of A3? Earlier versions on my computer start up and then quit right away.

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