Crash on menu window (Geneforge 2)

AuthorTopic: Crash on menu window (Geneforge 2)
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i have windows xp home installed
i just installed and installed nothing else afterward and still crashes at menu.

Does Geneforge have compatavility isues with other programs?

BTW i have also reinstalled, Geneforge 1 and 3 work just fine. Ill try to download again from another mirror to see if that works but just wondering if it has any problems with some sofware or hardware.

I still have the same problem here is the error that shoes up:
Unhandled exeptio c0000005
At address: 0042195e

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That is the error that most Spiderweb games calls up when there's a problem with Graphics. Have you got the latest Nvidia Drivers (or whatever else you use)?

If you don't : Get them, that will hopefully fix your problem.

Also, I think there was another problem recently with the drips in the Menu section. It's not that old, you should be able to find the topic. If I can, I'll find it and post a link.

EDIT: Here was the other Topic which contains a similar problem.

[URL=;f=2;t=000650];f=2;t=000650[/UR L]

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Thank you Both
I just edited the name of that file, i have the newest version of drivers for my videocard and it still didnt work.

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Did you check to make absolutely sure you had the latest drivers?

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That means checking the website for the manufacturer of your graphics card, by the way, not just the automated update service.

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I dled the lates, and my drivers arent dlable by an update service i had to visit the nvidia website and search for the correct drivers. But thank you for helping, i dont know if my card is compatible with the game or if the drivers arent compatible i have a:

GeForce FX 5500

and i have driver version:

Version: 71.89
Release Date: April 14, 2005
WHQL Certified

Site for Driver:

And my product is suported by the drivers.

Dont know if this info can help on finding out why my computer has this error if i have the latest drivers.

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Did you try reinstalling DirectX?

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