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Ok, I got the form, and I understand what it says and that I should print it, sign it, date it, and mail it back, but the last part has me confused. Do I need to have 2 notary signatures on it before I send it in? And the blank at the bottom that says e-mail address, am I supposed to put mine there? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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You need to have 1 witness, if I remember correctly. I believe you need to put your email address on the bottom.

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Oops, I thought the second space at the bottom was for Jeff to sign. Should I send another, with someone else on it too?

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You could always say that you signed it with God as your witness.

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Yes, but which god? Some gods are more credible than others.
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Speaking of BoA betatesting, has Jeff already replied to all the testers he has considered, or is there still hope?

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OH THANK YOU!!! :D I e-mailed Jeff with this EXACT question (though I don't think he has the time to deal with it...) I wasn't sure about that either...I'm just going to have my friend sign it, and I'll sign the other Good grief this was frustratin...didn't want to send it off incomplete. ;)

Hey, anyone know if Scanning it in the computer and e-mailing it then would suffice? Practically the same as, I'm just short a Faxer, and want to get it to Jeff ASAP...not wanting to have the holy wrath of the Jeff God smite my small mortal soul :D

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Upon further examination and a brain fart, it seems to me that you only have to fill in the date, print your name in the first blank, and sign only 1 of the other blanks. When Jeff gets it, he signs the other blank and that's it. At least, I hope that's how it works, cause that's what I'm going to do.

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Yes, I think, if you actually read it, it says that both parties should sign to make it a legal document... both parties meaning yourself and jeff.

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