Avernum 3 Clairvoyance bug

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 3 Clairvoyance bug
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In Delis it is possible to search/take Paolo package without either opening a door or bringing down a barrier. appearently the game doesn't consider walls to be an impediment as long a one of you characters say a fourth can see the container to be searched.

This may also affect other games built using similar engines I'll have to check.
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Hmm. Are you sure it's not just the 3D effect playing tricks? If one of your characters has stepped through a secret door, it can make it look like they're still on the outside, but you can see the container you need to search. It's not a problem in Exile, but with Avernum it can be tricky.

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The package is in a chest. the chest is in a 2x3 room. There is a (locked) southfacing door in the southwest corner and a northfacing secret panel in the northeast corner. the middle of the room is filled by an impenetrable magical barrier. The chest is in the northwest corner. I somehow doubt there is another panel in the northwest corner. (but there might be can anyone verify/deny this?)

How I tested this on Avernum 3 v1.0. Talk to Paolo to get the mission to retrieve the herbs. Travel to Delis. Step through the panel on the north sid of the inn. Move first charachter adjacent to chest. Search chest.
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Nethergate and the Avernums do have some problems with things behind walls. That's the only one that I've ever seen that had any significance at all, though. Mostly it just results in odd messages and opportunities to pick locks or disarm traps that you haven't actually reached.

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