Reporting BoE "Too much expierience!"

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AuthorTopic: Reporting BoE "Too much expierience!"
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I was finishing off the scenario, 'Revenge' earlier today, and had just defeated the final Nightmare Guardian when I got a small message in the action-recount-text part of the screen which said "Oops! Too much XP! Report this!" So I'm reporting it. The experience of a few of my party members well exceeds 5000 experience points. Is this a problem? Or did it maybe have something to do with the fact that the Nightmare Guardian is level 120, and defeating it gave me too much experience at once?

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Whatever it is, I can't imagine reporting it will do anything. Jeff has made it abundantly clear that no more work will be done on BoE.

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Maybe Creator made the message himself.. Just for fun.. :P

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