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Can someone help? I downloaded Gatlatic Core and when i tried to unstuff it, it didn't work!
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Um... a few words of advice.

Stop trying RIGHT AWAY. If you are a sensible person, or at least one with average tastes, you don't want to play Galactic Core. Really. You don't. At all. Take my word on this.

Aces off.
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Try downloading the newest version of Stuffit Expander.

—Alorael, who agrees with Rosycat. Galactic Core really isn't worth playing, let alone spending time trying to deal with compression problems.
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Unfortunatly, the Stufflt refuses to open most .hqx or .bin files.
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I have had the same problem. I'm always looking for space strategy games so I want to try it out even if it is bad. When I go to other sites and try to download it the site links me to ironycentral and spiderweb which are the links on the Spiderweb site which I have tried repeatedly! Does anyone have anything GOOD to say about Galactic Core? :mad:

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You can read the posts in the Galactic Core forum for a general idea of how many people like the game and how many people detest it. I can think of only three or four people who registered it and only one or two who like it.

—Alorael, who would say it is important if you have a Mac or not. Since the game only runs on Mac, having one is pretty much essential to playing.
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